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The 15 Most Looked Up Words

1. anomaly – an irregularity; an abnormality
Example: If I get struck by lightening, I’ll be a statistical anomaly!

2. ethereal – something lacking physical substance; light and intangible
Example: This ambient music is so gentle, so ethereal!

3. loquacious – talkative
Example: For someone with such limited vocabulary, you’d think she’d be less loquacious!

4. empathy – an understanding of and identification with the feelings or experience of another
Example: I empathize — I’ve been there!

5. agnostic – the position that God’s existence cannot be proven or disproved; one who doesn’t confirm or deny God’s existence
Example: A: “Are you religious?” B. “No.” A: “You don’t believe in God?” B: “I didn’t say that.” A: “Oh, you’re agnostic!”

6. protocol – a system by which a task is completed correctly
Example: Is there a protocol for parenting feral children?

7. fascist – a person who believes a dictator should be in control of a nation’s economic and social policies
Example: A: “You shouldn’t be trusted to take care of yourself.” B: “You fascist!”

8. sycophant – one who prostrates himself before and flatters another as a means to personal gain
Example: He thought I would go on a date with him if he told me how undeserving of my company he was — what a sycophant!

9. facetious – a remark or attitude characterized by insincerity and humorousness
Example: When he said that nobody likes a liar, I facetiously remarked that the guy who sets liars’ pants on fire probably likes them.

10. capricious – acting impulsively
Example: Here’s a hundred bucks, kid; go be capricious!

11. salient – highly prominent; impossible to ignore
Example: All stuffed up, she sprayed saline solution into her salient schnoz.

12. superfluous – excessive; an unnecessary amount
Example: I like icing on my cake, but this two-inch layer is a bit superfluous.

13. ambiguous – vague; allowing for many interpretations
Example: I’m sorry for the misunderstanding; my explanation was ambiguous.

14. spongiform – spongelike; porous and soft
Example: What spongiform skin you have!

15. deficit – shortfall or insufficiency
Example: His stiff personality suffered from a humour deficit.

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Confessions is a public art project that invites people to anonymously share their confessions and see the confessions of the people around them in the heart of the Las Vegas strip.